Energy Conservation Tips for your Greenhouse

Once your greenhouse is set up, you may consider performing some improvements in the future so that you can maximize the energy efficiency of your greenhouse. Some of these additions can be costly, so you can perform a few at a time, or just one.

For added heat efficiency, you can invest in interior plastic liners that are typically around three millimeters thick. External covers are also available depending on the size of your greenhouse.

Of course, making sure your greenhouse is properly sealed is very important in keeping the heat inside your greenhouse. For example, some studies suggest that if you have a glass lapped greenhouse with limited sealing, you can save up to 40% in energy costs by properly sealing all the glass laps as well as the frame.

Another option is to use curtains and screens to insulate your greenhouse. Ohio State University has written an excellent report on using greenhouse curtains and screens for their insulating properties.

Thermal blankets are also a good option to keep your plants warm during the winter without installing expensive heating units. Thermal blankets typically come in ¼” flexible polypropylene foam, a polyethylene foam laminated with 3-mil UV resistant P/E, or a 1/4” closed cell polyethylene foam laminated to white UV treated polyethylene film. Thermal blankets also come in fleece.

Plant heating mats can also be a great resource for heating seedlings and other plants. You can provide heat to only the plants that need them and thus avoid more expensive heating units.

See this site provided by Ohio Floriculture Online for more greenhouse energy saving tips.

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