Greenhouse Watering Systems

How you provide water for your plants is an important part of greenhouse gardening. You should try and have a source of water as close as possible to your greenhouse. You may need to set up a separate hose if you don’t have one close by to where you want to set up your greenhouse.

The most basic hobby greenhouse gardening will only require a hose. On the other hand, if you plan on getting into serious greenhouse gardening, you should look into other types of water systems such as overhead watering systems and misting systems. These types of systems can be automated to control how much water your plants receive. Misting systems are ideal for tropical plants and epiphytes.

Capillary Matting is another option for watering your greenhouse, especially if you have a large number of plants. The capillary mats provide water through the bottom of the pots or trays if you’re growing a large number of seedlings. Capillary mats work in conjunction with a reservoir that you can fill up by hand or set up for automated watering.

Drip irrigating systems are also a good choice and great for water conservation as they apply a small controlled amount of water directly to each plant.

Greenhouses are ideal for gardening with hydroponics. This is a unique gardening method that avoids the use of soil altogether. Check out this site for more information on hydroponics.

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